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Are You Ready to Embrace your Dreams?

Let’s take your business to the next level…

I love teaching and when I’m teaching people what I am passionate about, I’m in my element.

I’m extremely passionate about photography, but I’m equally passionate about the importance of knowing how to run a successful business.

I see too many talented photographers that under cut themselves or leave the industry due to burn out. I use a few simple strategies to keep my business blooming, so I can feel confident knowing it can support my passion and my family.

I’d love to share this knowledge with you.


Online or in person

Mentoring Session are offered in person or online.

Three hour mentoring session, with a one hour phone catch up one month later.

This is what we cover:

. Website Review,

. Creating your signature style,

. Strategic Portfolio building,

. How to attract your ideal client,

. Pricing for your ideal client,

. Gaining repeat clients and referrals,

. Methods to creating excellent time management in your business practices,

. A live photoshoot – for in person only

. Workflow – I will not be covering my editing techniques with you. It’s so important for you to find your own style. I’m more than happy to watch you edit and offer suggestions if required.

$1950 in person, light refreshments included
$1400 online
I also run workshops throughout the year.
Please enquire to find out more

We are here as a passionate team that adopts beauty as a lifestyle and aims to manage your skin in the best possible way. Our mission is to provide advanced skincare to make you feel safe and confident.

Beauty is just a lifestyle we have.

Our nearly 8,000 commited members are ready to help.